The Origin of (almost) Everything


The author of the article, "The Origin of (almost) Everything" is (English) New Scientist magazine, (English) Graham Lawton, (United States) Jennifer Daniel, and the translator is Zhang BuTian.

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'A Brief History of Time' by author Hawking writes

The origin of almost everything you want to know, there are authoritative, interesting, cool answers

Where do we come from? How do all things start?

This is the biggest problem in the universe. New Scientist tells you the answer...

The book, 'A Brief History of Time', carefully selected a representative group of 53 topics in six categories, from the Big Bang, dark matter, the origin of life, human evolution, the history of money, the history of wine, the past life of the property, the gene behind human emotion driven to the toilet paper invented and secret of snot. Ther is a concise poetic narration to subvert your common sense anytime, anywhere with an open mind and occasionally with bad taste.


Founded in 1956, New Scientist is an international scientific journal with a worldwide reputation in the scientific publishing world and has more than 5 million loyal readers worldwide.

Graham Lawton, Executive Editor of New Scientist magazine, graduated from the Imperial College in London, with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a master's degree in science communication. He has won numerous awards in science writing.