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Our Company

For the scientific and technological historical context of the 21st century in China, many overseas professionals decided to return to the country after an absence of many years, while being invested with great enthusiasm in the development under this new situation. The research field has made outstanding achievements, and after years of hard work, Qi's Academy has become the pride of the industry.

Qi's Academy is composed of China High-tech Industry Research Association, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences - John Innes of the United Kingdom, the scientific research institute of Zhongjian Central Research Center. These ingenious partnerships for this nonprofit are based on scientific and technological innovation, popular science education, study and friendship, and construction.

Qi's Academy continues to innovate based on science and technology. Under the alliance of the Life Sciences Academy of Peking University, the Life Sciences Academy of Zhejiang University, and the Life Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, RAA technology has made breakthrough progress. RAA technology is more convenient, more sensitive, and more specific than traditional technologies in its field. The PCR nucleic acid amplification technology has made a major breakthrough for making the application of nucleic acid amplification technology in disease diagnosis and screening. Jointly with the Tianjin International Institute of Biomedical Research, it has achieved remarkable results in plant molecular biology, crop science, synthetic biology, and biological nitrogen fixation; the growth and development of the field of botany and microbiology in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the British Council for Biotechnology and Biological Sciences also has given high crop yields and better natural products.

We also warmly welcomes like-minded research institutes and individuals to join in joint research and create a research environments that strives for excellence and pursuit excellence, while sharing ancient/modern Chinese philosophy and foreign philosophy, scientific masterpieces, television and books.