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Loving Forever

A deep friendship wascreated between Mr. Jun Zhang , aChinese composer and Mr. Tom Schiphorst, a Dutch horticulturer, dueto a lucky chance. A wonderful com-bination was made in this disc between Jun Zhang's melodies pen-etrating human soul and beautifulgarden's landscape designed by Tom.Therefore, these two beauties can bepromoted and spread all over the world forever.

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Beautiful Life

All national-statesdwelling in the global village areseeking happiness and brightness.They all created splendid histories oftheir own. This disc shows marvelousspectacles and bright colorfulness inHolland, Germany, Russia and America for everyone's learning aboutand enjoyment.

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Hua Mulan

Hua Mulan was a chinese heroine during the ancienttime. She disguised as a man joiningarmy under her fatjer's name. Forgeneration and generation, her stiryhas always been told, which hasencouraging Chinese women andwarming father's hearts.

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